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Tokyo: U.S.’ Withdrawal from Paris Agreement ‘Regrettable’

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe making a statement at the COP21 Summit in Paris in December 2015. (Cabinet Public Relations Office)

TOKYO — On June 2, Japan issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s announcement of the U.S.’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.


1. Climate change requires a concerted effort by the whole of the international community. Japan believes the leadership of the developed countries to be of great importance, and the steady implementation of the Paris Agreement is critical in this regard.

2. As Japan was hoping to work with the United States within the framework of the Paris Agreement, the recent announcement by the U.S. administration on its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is regrettable.

3. The United States remains as the second-largest emitter of the greenhouse gases and yet has advanced technology stimulated by innovation as well as policy measures in the area of the environment. Japan hopes to explore ways in which it can cooperate with the United States so as to effectively address the climate change issues. Japan will work with other parties to the Paris Agreement for its steady and full implementation. Through such efforts, Japan will vigorously tackle this important issue of climate change.

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