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Taiko Heroes 3 at Live Arts Los Angeles

On Ensemble

On Ensemble

Taiko Heroes 3 will be presented on Saturday, Dec. 3, at 8 pm. at Live Arts Los Angeles, 4210 Panamint St (at Eagle Rock Boulevard) in Los Angeles.

On Ensemble will reflect on the year with current favorites and bring in the new year with new work. This year, On Ensemble is featuring a good friend, Kaoru Watanabe from New York, to present new material from his album “Néo.” He will be joined by Yuta Sumiyoshi, one of the young featured stars of the iconic taiko performing arts ensemble Kodo, and Fumi Tanakadate, a multifaceted musician based in New York City.

Established in 2002, On Ensemble is one of the most respected ensembles in the taiko world. Led by childhood friends Shoji Kameda and Masato (Maz) Baba, it is recognized for infusing the powerful rhythms of taiko with a wide range of musical influences from jazz and rock to Central Asian overtone singing. Their fearless musical exploration has expanded the artistic range of the taiko and has taken these ancient instruments into new realms.

Watanabe is one of the most innovative performers on Japanese shinobue flutes and taiko drums. He seamlessly combines traditional ritual and theater music of Japan with the complex compositional and improvisational elements of jazz and other Western music.

Sumiyoshi entered the Kodo Apprentice Centre in 2010, and became a Kodo member in 2013. Despite being a newcomer, he was selected for important soloist positions from his very first tour, including the coveted role of o-daiko. Known by colleagues as Kodo’s “sound maker,” Sumiyoshi specializes in nimble drumstick work, and is always enhancing the musicality of performance pieces.

Tickets are $30. For reservations, click here.

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