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Rev. Bob Oshita Appointed Chaplain of State Assembly

Rev. Bob Oshita speaks on the Assembly floor at the State Capitol.

Rev. Bob Oshita speaks on the Assembly floor at the State Capitol.

SACRAMENTO — The California State Assembly on Dec. 5 welcomed one of its newest officers and chaplain, Rev. Bob Oshita, retired minister of the Sacramento Buddhist Church.

He is a Sacramento fixture and was a resident for 32 years at the 117-year-old temple founded by Japanese immigrants.

“His experience working with young people, tending to the spiritual needs of a variety of communities, and serving for many years in the capitol city as a compassionate and committed reverend will serve us well in his new role,” said Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), chair of the API Legislative Caucus.

Oshita will open legislative sessions, serve as a spiritual counselor to members, and perform ceremonial and symbolic duties.

Oshita, 67, and his wife, retired Rev. Patti Oshita, have made Buddhism accessible to people from various faiths and ethnic backgrounds. The church has long been a cornerstone of the Japanese American community in Sacramento and become known for its cultural activities, including the annual bazaar that occurs each August.

The California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus represents and advocates for the interests of the diverse API communities throughout California. It seeks to increase Asian Pacific Islander participation and representation in all levels of government. For more information, visit

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