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‘Question 27, Question 28’ at the Aratani

Based on transcripts, documents, personal testimonies and interviews, “Question 27, Question 28” weaves stories of the struggles, resilience and courage of Japanese American female detainees held in the American concentration camps during World War II, and explores historical connections to contemporary questions. The reading features Tamlyn Tomita, Marilyn Tokuda, Dian Kobayashi and Shannon Holt.

The title refers to the most controversial questions on the “loyalty questionnaire” that the government circulated in the camps, creating rifts among incarcerees.

Yew is known for such plays as “Porcelain,” “A Language of Their Own,” “Red,” “A Beautiful Country,” “Wonderland” and “Long Season.”

This is pay-what-you-can reading. To donate online, visit

The audience will enter through the rear of the theater as part of an intimate “black box” experience on the stage of the Aratani.

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