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Otonana Trio to Perform in L.A.

As part of their Wild Wild West Tour, Tokyo’s Otonana Trio will perform at two Los Angeles venues this week:

• Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 11 p.m. at Hotel Café, 1623½ N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood,

• Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 8 p.m. at Café Nela, 1906 Cypress Ave., Highland Park,

Their next stops are The Lost Leaf in Phoenix on Thursday and Boomtown in El Paso on Friday.

The band consists of singer/guitarist/founder Kentaro Saito, bassist Kazuhisa Maesawa, drummer Hikari Kuroda, who spike the fun with superior musicianship and chant-worthy songs.

They arrived for a 23-concert tour spanning from North Carolina to California, beginning Sept. 7. The band has developed a loyal following as a must-see live act, with fresh craziness each time they return from their native Japan.

“No Ramen No Peace,” off their “SpacePowerDelight” album, is a big crowd favorite. The video of the single uses concert footage of their appearance at the Spring Scream Fest in Taiwan from earlier this year, the largest and longest-running music festival in Asia. Click here to see the video.

All proceeds from these shows and the rest of the U.S. tour will go toward hurricane relief. This is a cause very close to their hearts, as they have toured the southern U.S. several times and have developed many close friendships there over the years. They also have great sympathy for these victims, having experienced the tsunami in their home country.

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