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NJAHS Awards Tribute at Presidio

SAN FRANCISCO — The National Japanese American Historical Society will present “Preserve and Protect Our Freedoms” on Saturday, May 6, at the MIS Historic Learning Center, Building 640, Presidio of San Francisco.

“As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, this year, we are reminded of the many struggles faced by Japanese Americans but also others less fortunate and marginalized in today’s society,” said a NJAHS spokesperson.

“Join us to honor keynote speaker Dr. Cruz Reynoso, civil rights attorney and the first Latino California Supreme Court justice and Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee for his unwavering passion for social justice: his advocacy on behalf of farmworkers, his call for human dignity of the rural poor, and civil rights for the most vulnerable, marginalized communities.

“This year also marks the foundation planning for the newest entry into the National Park Service system, the Honouliuli National Monument site and the opening of the Honouliuli Education Center (at JCCH). And in doing so, we recognize the advocacy and achievement of the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii and Carole Hayashino, its executive director, who raised awareness and pressed for the recognition of his historic site — a U.S. Army facility in Hawaii that unjustly incarcerated thousands of Japanese Americans in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

“And we pay tribute to Art Shibayama and Grace Shimizu of Campaign for Justice, for their quest for redress and education for Japanese Latin Americans of World War II.”

A free public program will be held outside of Building 640 to shed light on the civil liberty lessons of World War II and to highlight the new challenges we face to preserve and protect our freedoms today.

A paid event (reservations only) will follow inside Building 640 from 5:15 to 7:30 p.m. with specially catered tastings from La Mar Cebicheria Peruana and a sit-down dinner from Venga Paella. Proceeds benefit NJAHS.

For more information, call (415) 921-5007 or emails

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