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Next on ‘Asian Pacific America’

SAN JOSE — This Sunday, June 30, on “Asian Pacific America” with Robert Handa:

One of “Asian Pacific America’s” most popular guests, the Parangal Dance Company, will perform at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival on July 13-14. Major Julian and June Arellano discuss what we can expect to see at the festival and perform live in the studio.

The USS Hornet played a crucial role in the Apollo missions that put NASA astronauts on the moon. The upcoming Splashdown 50 Celebration commemorates the milestone and everyone who was a part of it, including John Hirasaki, a NASA project engineer who spent more than two weeks in quarantine with the NASA astronauts after their return from the moon.

Airs at 5:30 a.m. on NBC Bay Area, 6 p.m. on NBC’s COZI TV (Comcast 186).

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