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Keiro Awards $500k in Grants to 41 Nonprofit Organizations

Community members listen to a seminar presented by the Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles.

Keiro announced the recipients of its 2017 Grants Program cycle, awarding 41 nonprofit organizations a total of nearly $500,000 in funds on Jan. 23 to support their work with Japanese American and Japanese older adults in Southern California.

Keiro’s Grants Program broadens the impact of its efforts to address the challenges associated with aging, with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity.

“There are many organizations that are aligned with our mission and that already are doing great work to break down the barriers that keep the Japanese community’s older adults from an optimal quality of life,” said Leona Hiraoka, president and CEO of Keiro. “Whether it’s combating social isolation or increasing access to quality health support services, these grants enable Keiro and its community partners to make a meaningful impact on the problems faced by our older adults.”

The Keiro Grants Program provides funding to qualified non-profit, community-based organizations that serve the Japanese American and Japanese older adult population, supporting projects that create a positive impact on the quality of life for the community. The grant proposals are evaluated by an independent review committee composed of 14 members of the Japanese American and Japanese community with experience in business and nonprofits.

The grant proposals are evaluated based on criteria outlined in the Keiro Grants Program guidelines, which include: cultural relevance to Japanese American and Japanese sensitivities; ability to provide services and solutions that assist older adults and their caregivers; and positive impact on the quality of life of older adults, especially those that are of the greatest needs, most vulnerable, or underserved populations.

The review committee conducts site visits, and after in-depth review, the committee’s recommendations are presented to the Keiro Board of Directors for approval.

“The committee deliberated at length to ensure the final grant funding recommendations to the Keiro Board of Directors accomplished the greatest good possible,” said Terry Hara, a member of the Keiro Grants review committee. “Knowing that many community-based and religious organizations were offering such beneficial and worthwhile programs, the committee believed that the Grants Program was a great opportunity for Keiro to help expand and support existing programs for the targeted age group.”

Keiro Board Chair Lynn Miyamoto added, “Keiro’s Grants Program has really helped us in understanding where the greatest needs are among Japanese American and Japanese older adults. We’ve been able to put that knowledge to work in expanding our own programs and services, as well as in partnership with these deserving organizations.”

In addition to Hara, members of the independent grant review committee included: Terrie Doizaki, Ken Hayashi, Noelle Ito, Tomomi Kanemaru, Lillian Kitagawa, Dorothy Matsuoka, Hiroko Murakami, Tomoko Nakajima, Mark Oune, Toshie Ozaki, Ray Shibata, Ron Takasugi and Ken Watase.

For more information on the Keiro Grants Program, visit:

For information on how some of the 2016 cycle grant recipients have made impact in the community, visit:


Grant Recipients for 2017 Cycle

AIA Abide in Awareness

Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles

Asian Traditional Dance & Music Foundation

Continuing Education for the Nikkei Widowed Inc.

East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center

ESGVJCC Leisure Club

First Presbyterian Church, Altadena

Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute

GIVE Urban Farms

Go For Broke National Education Center

Grateful Crane Ensemble

Japanese American Cultural & Community Center

Japanese American National Museum

Japanese American Optimist Club

Japanese Christian Church Federation of Southern California

Japanese Community Pioneer Center

Little Tokyo Nutrition Services

Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation

Long Beach Japanese Cultural Center

Los Angeles Holiness Church

Los Angeles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple – Buddhist Women’s Association

Los Angeles Men’s Glee Club

Martial Arts History Museum Inc.

Mission Valley Free Methodist Church

Newport Beach Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple

Nikkei Senior Gardens

Okinawa Association of America

OPICA Adult Day Care Center Inc.

Orange County Buddhist Church

Orange County Friendship Choir

Orange County Japanese American Association

Pacific Theatre Production Corp.

Pasadena Nikkei Seniors

Sakura Chorus

San Fernando Valley Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center

Seinan Senior Citizens’ Club

South Bay Singers

Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

West Covina Christian Church

Zenshuji Soto Mission

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