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‘Henoko, Oura Bay’ to Be Screened at Nibei Foundation

A free screening of the documentary “Henoko, Oura Bay, the Sea of Life” will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 20, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Terasaki Nibei Foundation, 11570 W. Olympic Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Okinawan director Keifuku Janamoto follows the lives and experiences of people living in the area around Oura Bay, where construction of a new U.S. base as a replacement facility for Futenma Air Station is moving forward despite opposition from more than 60 percent of .

Janamoto hopes that the 71-minute film will be seen by everyone in the U.S. so that the reality of Okinawa can be communicated to U.S. taxpayers, people who can effect real changes in the U.S. policy.

The film is a comprehensive overview of people’s struggles in Henoko. It includes interviews of residents who oppose the construction of the new base through sit-in protests at the Camp Schwab gates. It also shows the pristine natural environment, home to dugongs and other marine life, that is being destroyed, and relates the long, painful history of militarization and occupation in Okinawa.

Q&A will follow screening. Free parking available on site. To RSVP, go online to:

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