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Grateful Four and Friends Variety Show

ANAHEIM — An afternoon filled with dynamic acapella singing will take place on Sunday, Nov. 19, at 1 p.m. at Orange County Buddhist Church, 909 S. Dale Ave. in Anaheim.

The Grateful Four — Michael Murata, Emily Yoshihara, Lisa Horikawa and Aimee Angeles — is the Grateful Crane Ensemble’s Yonsei acapella group. They have songs to sing from the Yonsei, Sansei and Nisei generations, and a wide array of musical talents to share.

The program will include taiko, koto, and diverse stories of growing up Japanese American from the Yonsei point of view.

Show proceeds will benefit the Grateful Crane Ensemble and OCBC’s Building Fund.

Admission is $25 general, $15 for ages 25 and under. To reserve tickets, email or call (310) 995-5841. Note: The deadline to order bentos has passed.

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