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Go For Broke Visual Arts Contest: First Place, High School

A Story for Generation (Drawing)

A story that is over 70 years strong. A story that has been passed down from historic WWII Japanese American heroes to their grandchildren, happy to sit on their laps. A story that will live on through the future generations to come because of its crucial importance.

As part of the younger Japanese American generation, it is important to keep the history of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team in the light. If the history was ever forgotten, it would be as if a very part of the Japanese American Identity and culture that emerged from it was lost. The stories that have been told to us by our Ojiichans and our Obaachans will live on because it will be the stories we will tell our future kids and they will tell theirs.

The stories live on through the community, through the JA basketball leagues, the youth groups, the festivals, and more. The community chooses to stay together and as a result remains to tell the story.


Sarah Ando, El Modena High School, Orange, Grade 11 (2017-2018 academic year)

Sarah has a passion for art and was grateful to receive the opportunity to create a colorful message that passes on the Nisei soldier story. She believes the stories told from generation to generation affects the Nikkei community to this day and allows us to have great compassion and distinct Japanese American morals.

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