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as night takes over the day and crickets start to thrum, she softly whispers shushhhhhhhhhhhhh

as thick trees sigh and a breeze bends all their leaves, again, she whispers shushhhhhhhhhhhh

shushhh turns into a purring cat rolling over on its back a soft light rain… tiptoes across flower tops.

the stars twinkle a lullaby and that rabbit inside the moon snuggles and snorezzz

shushhhh sets all worries out to sea as we drift away in a blanket filled with sweet fulfilling dreams

Genie headshot 2016

Genie Nakano is widely published in journals, and her recent books, Enter the Stream and Storyteller are available on Amazon. She teaches gentle yoga and tanka at the Japanese Cultural Center in Gardena. Genie can be reached by email.

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