GENIE’S LAMP: Beyond Boomer Bash


dancing in ecstasy Motown rhythms rising yesterday’s sadness danced away at the Big Budokan bash

a year older next week in two years another stage the 70’s and beyond amazing—impossible It’s all relative a fly lives 24 hours a turtle two hundred years

and yet…..

me I’m growing up

look in the mirror glide that crimson stick across my lips pucker up, smile — out the door

ass still plump still fit in my very old clothes long sleeves are a gift shimmy those hips shake a leg still sneaking peeks at young men on the sly still passing for 50 and feeling 35

this Asiatic plump face pays off through the years

when does a peacock loose its tail

we keep going up who’s afraid of the big bad wolf just another puppy in the woods in the merry month of May

rhythms got us glowing J.A. boomers and beyond Nisei Princesses in hip hoppis dancing in between

back in the day… when goldilocks were in and blondes had more fun I was a fish out of water but today in the merry month of May

now swimming together in mo-town rhythm hood 500 line dancers shoulders popping hips swaying turn, swing, stomp those feet all together

to be JA living in L.A. dancing the night away

genie nakano

Genie Nakano is widely published in journals, and her recent books, Enter the Stream and Storyteller are available on Amazon. She teaches gentle yoga and tanka at the Japanese Cultural Center in Gardena. Genie can be reached by email.

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