Far More Than Child’s Play

From left, Kurt Kanazawa, Asia Ring, Cedric Ikaika Jonathan, On Shiu in “Nothing Is the Same,” opening Jan. 19 at the Sierra Madre Playhouse. (Photo by John Dlugolecki)

By MIKEY HIRANO CULROSS, Rafu Arts & Entertainment

Kurt Kanazawa hopes the upcoming production of “Nothing Is the Same” leaves audiences filled with the aloha spirit – and much more.

“Friendship can overcome war, that we know, but many people don’t realize that war can sometime tear apart even the best of friends,” Kanazawa said, in discussing his role in the play that opens Jan. 19 at the Sierra Madre Playhouse.

“Kids are often like Teflon, they can handle more trauma than we think,” he explained, “And that’s important for adults to see.”

“Nothing Is the Same” opens as a comedic, coming-of-age tale of four youngsters in 1941 Honolulu, playing marbles and enjoying their carefree lives. Their world – and the entire globe with it – is turned upside-down when the Japanese launch a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

Kanazawa plays Mits, the Japanese Hawaiian boy who eventually becomes the object of suspicion once the attack is under way. As his friends are uncertain about his loyal