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Family Fun Sunday at Shoseian

GLENDALE — Family Fun Sunday will be held on Jan. 21 at Shoseian Tea House and Friendship Garden, 1601 W. Mountain St. in Glendale.

Come and experience Japanese craft-making and watch a demonstration of Japanese noh performance by a renowned master from Kyoto. Immerse your kids and yourself in Japanese culture for the whole day. All programs are free and no reservations are necessary.

11 a.m.: Make a grasshopper with palm leaves. Easy to make and so realistic.

1 p.m.: Kite-making. Color your kite as you like and watch it fly high.

3 p.m.: Noh acting demonstration by Master Michikazu Taneda, who has been designated an Important Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Co-presented by Japan Foundation Los Angeles and Friends of Shoseian.

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