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Cult Classic ‘Sunsets’ Streaming on CHOPSO

“Sunsets,” the 1997 Asian American New Wave indie classic and the first feature by cousins Michael Aki and Eric Nakamura, is streaming worldwide day-and-date from March 1 on CHOPSO (

For the first time, this Asian American cult classic will be available restored and on high definition.

In this independent drama, Dave (Nicholas Konstant) and Mark (Aki, as Michael Idemoto) are two high school buddies living in Watsonville. Dave works in a comic book store, while Mark is preparing to go to college in the fall.

When their friend Gary (Josh Brand) is released from jail, the three spend most of the summer drinking beer, chasing girls, and committing petty crimes.

As the fall approaches, and with it the first stages of responsible adulthood, the three realize that the days are numbered for their friendship as they know it.

Aki and Nakamura co-directed, co-wrote, co-produced and co-edited; Nakamura was also the cinematographer.

CHOPSO is the ultimate SVOD streaming network for Asian English-language films, series and documentaries. For $4.95/month or $49.95/year, customers can stream CHOPSO’s library anytime via the app (on IOS & Android devices) or website worldwide.

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