Community Spotlights on Sustainable Practices in Little Tokyo on Display

Detail of poster about composting at Zenshuji.

Detail of poster about composting at Zenshuji.


Stop by the Far East Lounge window and take a look at our Community Spotlights!

Last fall, Sustainable Little Tokyo set up a gallery of posters at the FandangObon, showing how the Little Tokyo community is practicing sustainability.

When we talk about being sustainable, we do not just mean being “green” or caring about the environment but also preserving the economy, history and culture of Little Tokyo.This is the real meaning of “mottainai” – to value and respect what we have for ourselves and for future generations.

Mottainai, roughly meaning “don’t waste,” is a traditional Japanese cultural value reflecting a basic respect and gratitude for all things and to treat all resources with care, using the three “R’s” plus R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect.

In that spirit, these posters highlight how our community organizations, businesses, churches and temples practice sustainability.