Cold Case Finally Comes to an End for North Bay Family

FAIRFIELD — More than 30 years after the fact, the family of Clark Toshiro Handa knows what happened to him — and who is responsible.

Clark Toshiro Handa

Sometime during the evening of Aug. 22, 1984, 3-year-old Clark was abducted from his bedroom at his home on Magellan Road (which is now Auto Mall Parkway).

A ransom note was left at the scene, demanding money for Clark’s safe return. Although the family complied with the demands, the persons responsible for Clark’s abduction never attempted any further contact with the family and he was never returned. His family was not wealthy, which made him an unusual target for a ransom abduction.

The Fairfield Police Department, along with the FBI, tirelessly worked on this case for many years, conducting interviews, processing evidence, and following leads. The case remained an open homicide investigation.

Clark, who was born on Dec. 5, 1980, remained on national lists of missing children, with his photo altered every few years to show what he might look like at different ages, including 33 in 2013. His picture was printed on flyers and milk cartons. For years, the only leads that turned up were false ones.

The Fairfield Police Department’s Cold Case Unit, again with the assistance of the FBI, re-examined the case in 2011. Detectives were able to obtain evidence that led to the identification of the individuals responsible for the abduction. Detectives also learned that Clark was killed not long after he was reported missing.<