Cherry Blossom Queen Candidates Announced in S.F.

2018 Cherry Blossom Queen candidates. Top left: Emiri Sakuai. Top right: Nikki Tachiki. Center: Maya Hernandez. Lower left: Rachel Mika Kawawaki. Lower right: Lauren Kieva Matsuno.

SAN FRANCISCO — The Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen Program announced its 2018 candidates on March 11 in San Francisco Japantown.

“Our committee is looking forward to our 51st annual Cherry Blossom Festival and are pleased to introduce our five candidates for the Queen Program this year,” said Benh Nakajo, chairperson of the program. “We are sure that you will be impressed with these young women and enjoy getting to know them. The continuation of our program is critical for the future of our community.”

Following are profiles of the candidates. (“Creative expression” refers to the talent they will demonstrate at the coronation event.)