CHAI at Moroccan Lounge on Monday

The group was formed in 2012 in Nagoya. Identical twins Mana (vocals/keyboard) and Kana (guitar/vocals) asked high school classmate, Yuna (drums/vocals) and later, college acquaintance, Yuuki (bass/vocals) to join what we know now as CHAI.

CHAI independently released two EPs titled “Hottaraka Series” (meaning “irresponsible series”) and “Homegoro Series” prior to signing with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), Inc.

As a part of entry into the SXSW “Japan Nite” showcase, CHAI outperformed numerous artists in Japan, subsequently securing their first U.S. performance in SXSW 2017. In continuation of the “Japan Nite” showcase, CHAI participated in a seven-city mini-tour throughout the U.S. — New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.