Bunraku in the Bay Area


Bunraku is a complex, artistic puppetry technique accompanied by narrative chanting and music. Each nearly life-size puppet requires three puppeteers to bring it to life.

SCE invited world-renowned bunraku puppeteer Kanroku and the Mokugusha Company from Osaka to perform in California in October and November.

Kanroku studied in Japan at the National Bunraku Theater in Osaka under Master Kanjuro Kiritake II, and was named Kanroku Kiritake in 1979. He then apprenticed under Minosuke Yoshida III, and was renamed Kanroku Yoshida in 1987.

Kanroku has been instrumental in the spread of bunraku’s cultural legacy. He teaches and directs all across Japan, and has invested time reviving farm village theaters in remote areas of the country.