Bishop City Council Rescinds Wartime Anti-JA Resolutions

By MARTHA NAKAGAWA, Rafu Contributor

BISHOP — The Bishop (Inyo County) City Council passed a resolution on April 8, rescinding three World War II-era resolutions that had been passed in connection with Japanese Americans incarcerated at the Manzanar War Relocation Authority camp.

Bishop Councilmember Stephen Muchovej

The resolution, sponsored by Councilmember Stephen Muchovej, passed unanimously.

The three resolutions that it rescinded were as follows:

• A June 1, 1942 resolution opposing the release of Japanese Americans from Manzanar for any purpose;

• A Dec. 14, 1942 resolution urging the government to put Manzanar under U.S. Army control;

• An April 10, 1944 resolution calling for every WRA camp to be placed under U.S. Army jurisdiction.

“I know this doesn’t change what happened in the past, but I think that with Bishop, changing the way it has in the past 10 years and becomin