A Reflection Upon the Crossroads


During my freshman year on my school’s frosh basketball team, we had lost a preseason game and our assistant coach gave us a speech after the game, telling us not to take any game for granted because the next four years were going to fly by. In retrospect, it’s pretty ironic that this piece of advice has stuck with me considering the fact that I quit the team at the end of the year, but the truth that it revealed was one that extended beyond the basketball court. These past four years have indeed flown by, and as I stand at the crossroads between high school and college, I appreciate the adventurous and unexpected journey that high school has been.

Colleges place such a heavy emphasis on GPA and SAT/ACT scores that students often become fixated on their GPAs and standardized test scores to an unhealthy extent. Studying often comes at the expense of sleep or social events, taking