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A Month-Long Event to Benefit Bay Area Seniors

SAN FRANCISCO — Kimochi’s Health Walk-Run is an initiative that aims to promote more active communities, while at the same time helping seniors and their families.

This event takes place through the month of November 2017. Anyone anywhere can participate to support Kimochi seniors. You will use your smartphone to track your mileage and dollars raised.

Kimochi is partnering with Charity Footprints to build a month-long program to encourage sustained exercise by walking or running. The program runs on your iOS or Android phone. The miles you walk or run (to work or school, around the park with the dog or however you choose to move) will raise dollars for Kimochi seniors.

Unlike one-day walkathons, the Kimochi Health Walk-Run is a month-long event from Nov.1 to 30.

There are two ways to participate.

Register as a walker or runner:

• The Charity Footprints app will track the miles you walk or run by GPS and post your progress on the Kimochi campaign webpage. You can also track the progress of other participating walkers and runners.

• Because miles are tracked by GPS, treadmill miles don’t count.

• The app will also keep track of the donations you receive against your fundraising goal — donations made to you are a lump sum per donor (not a per-mile donation) ,so fulfilling your mileage goal is 100% honor system.

• You can start walking-running anytime in November.

Sponsor a walker or runner:

• Donate online to a walker or runner you want to sponsor.

• Your donation is one lump sum that will go toward the fundraising goal of the participant you are supporting.

• You can donate anytime up through Nov. 30.

For more information, call (415) 931-2294 or visit You can follow the fundraiser on Facebook and Instagram @KimochiKai.

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