‘120 Years Memory’ Screening at WLAUMC

Directed by Mitsutoshi Tanaka, the film connects two real-life dramas, one in 1890 and the other in 1985, in an epic tale of two countries bound by tragedy, heroism and a special friendship. The cast includes Seiyo Uchino, Shiori Kitsuna, Kenan Ece, Rino Kawase, Naota Takenaka, Alican Yuesoy, Takashi Sasano and Ayako Kobayashi.

The Ertugrul was a sailing frigate warship of the Ottoman Empire’s navy. On June 3, 1890, while returning home from a goodwill meeting between the Ottoman sultan and the emperor of Japan, the ship encountered a massive typhoon, drafted onto a reef and sank in the tiny fishing bay of Kii Oshima Island, off the Wakayama coastline.

Despite the rescue efforts of the poor fishing village residents, the Meiji-era maritime disaster resulted in the loss of 533 sailors. The 69 survivors were rescued and c