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The Rafu Shimpo is the largest bilingual English-Japanese daily newspaper in the United States. Published Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, some 40,000 readers are exposed to local, community and international news coverage, along with four special pages of Japan’s premier newspaper, Sankei Shimbun.


Print Subscription

*New Rates as of 1-27-19*
Standard: 1 Year- $177 / 6 Months– $91 / 3 Months– $49
Senior*:   1 Year– $143 / 6 Months– $74 / 3 Months– $39

**Senior: 65 and up—Mail/fax one-time a copy of Senior I.D. (driver’s license, medical card, etc.).

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The Rafu Shimpo will be mailed by the US Postal Service in 4-5 business days of receiving payment.

For more questions about subscriptions, including international subscriptions or back issue requests, call (213) 629-2231 or e-mail at:

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