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Writer Frank Abe at Palo Alto Obon

PALO ALTO — Come meet writer Frank Abe, co-editor of “John Okada: The Life and Rediscovered Work of the Author of ‘No-No Boy,’” at the Palo Alto Obon on Saturday, Aug. 4, at 6 p.m. at Palo Alto Buddhist Temple, 2751 Louis Rd.

For nearly two decade, journalist, documentary filmmaker and historian Abe has been instrumental in recovering the story of the Heart Mountain resisters. His research and many interviews resulted in the creation of the award-winning documentary “Conscience and the Constitution.”

Abe is also noted for being a founding member of the Asian American Theater Workshop (now the Asian American Theater Company) in San Francisco and the Asian American Journalists Association in Seattle. Some may also remember his performance as Frank Nishi in the 1976 TV movie “Farewell to Manzanar.”

The book offers the first full-length examination of John Okada’s development as an artist, placing recently discovered writing by Okada alongside essays that reassess his lasting legacy. Meticulously researched biographical details, insight from friends and relatives, and a trove of intimate photographs illuminate Okada’s early life in Seattle, military service, and careers as a public librarian and a technical writer in the aerospace industry. This book is an essential companion to “No-No Boy.”

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