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Wing’s in S.J. Japantown Closes Its Doors

Wing’s has been an iconic business on Jackson Street for decades. (ABC7)

SAN JOSE — Wing’s Chinese Restaurant in San Jose Japantown closed its doors last week after operating for 94 years. The Japantown Business Association and Wing’s have issued the following statement.


Due to the amount of conjecture regarding the recent closure of Wing’s Chinese, a historic restaurant located in Japantown and San Jose’s oldest full-service restaurant, we would like to clarify the circumstances around the situation:

• Wing’s had less than a year on their three-year commitment (month-to-month rental). They decided to close before they were forced to close.

• The building needs ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] improvements by law, including an elevator (approx. $200K in upgrades). Many other Japantown businesses have been sued for non-ADA compliance. The landlord of the building had expectations that rent increases would cover necessary and legally required building improvements, and that tenants would be responsible for this.

• The owners of Wing’s, the Yu family, are aging, and trucking inventory up a flight of stairs was very difficult. Daughter Ashley helps run the business, but also has a full-time job and is a new mother. Because of the costs of additional employees and the large amount of square footage for the restaurant, they did not have extra staff to help.

Ashley adds that she hopes this is not the end for Wing’s Chinese, but a short goodbye – a sabbatical. They are very grateful for their loyal customers, many whom they consider to be their extended family. There are hopes to reopen the business under different circumstances and a more appropriate location in the future. Please contact the JBA with any additional questions. Thank you!

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