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Murder Victim’s Brother Still Hopes for Justice

Ashley Yamauchi

SAN RAFAEL — Nine years to the day after her death, the family and friends of Ashley Yamauchi, 33, of Greenbrae held a vigil on Dec. 16 to draw attention to her case.

Yamauchi, the mother of an 8-year-old daughter and a nanny for a San Rafael family, was last seen alive at the Fourth Street Tavern, where witnesses said she left with a man she had met at the bar.

Her brother, Heath Yamaguchi, said in a Facebook post, “On Dec. 16 in 2008, my little sister, Ashley Yamauchi, was found dead. Her half-clothed body had been raped and murdered before being dumped on the ground in a parking lot on the 700 block of Fourth Street in Downtown San Rafael …

“We are approaching the anniversary again, and despite the $50,000 reward offer approved by [former Gov.]Arnold Schwarzenegger, this case is still unsolved. My family, friends, and supporters will be gathering again this year to hold a vigil to remember Ashley’s life and death. Also, to raise awareness in the community where she was found that her rapist and murderer has still not been caught. And to remind the public that there is still a $50,000 reward to be claimed for any information leading to a conviction in her case …

“This vigil is important to me because I believe it is critical that Ashley’s story and the reward offer reaches as many people as possible. Our hope is that, maybe this year, it is heard by the one right person or persons that may have not come forward before but may be compelled to speak up now.

“If you can make it out to show your support (even for a short visit) I would be very grateful, as it shows she isn’t forgotten and helps draw attention to her case within the community of San Rafael.

“This past year, ‘Crime Watch Daily’ aired an episode that covered Ashley’s case.

“Even after so many years, we still are hopeful for some sort of justice. I hope you can join us and help bring justice for Ashley.”

The San Rafael Police Department has followed up on leads in consultation with cold case specialists and criminal profilers, but so far nothing has panned out.

Anyone with information that will lead to the killer’s arrest is asked to call (415) 458-2399 or email

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