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Matsui Decries House Passage of GOP Tax Bill

WASHINGTON — Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Sacramento) on Nov. 16 issued the following statement on the House passage of H.R. 1, the Republican tax bill:

“House Republicans just voted for a tax bill that pulls the rug out from under families in California and across the country.

“As young people are struggling to afford college, Republicans have voted to eliminate their student loan interest deduction.

“As teachers are working every day to create opportunities for the next generation, Republicans have voted to eliminate their deduction that helps them purchase supplies for the classroom.

“As young families are looking to buy their first home, Republicans have voted to limit their mortgage interest deduction.

“As seniors and people with chronic illnesses are planning their long term care options, Republicans have voted to eliminate their medical expense deduction.

“The list goes on and on. Now, after voting to drive up the deficit, House Republicans are going to go after the earned benefits, like Medicare, that my constituents rely on. That is shameful.

“This is all so President Trump and Republicans can take a legislative victory lap. I urge the Senate to reject this tax scam and instead focus on how we can work together to give the American people a better deal.”

When the GOP tax plan was unveiled on Nov. 2, Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D-Hawaii) said, “Congress needs to work on a bipartisan tax reform package that simplifies the tax code, encourages investments in American infrastructure, industry, jobs and innovation while promoting economic prosperity for all Americans, including middle-class families. Unfortunately, the Republican tax plan revealed today will increase our national debt by trillions of dollars and burden our children and grandchildren with massive unpaid-for cuts.

“The Republican tax plan also targets high cost-of-living states like Hawaii by eliminating key deductions, such as the state and local income tax deduction, medical deduction and student loan expense deduction, while limiting the amount of mortgage and property tax deductions.

“I think it is fair to say we all want to lower our taxes, but not in a way that shifts the burden from corporations and the wealthy to the middle class. If we work together, I am convinced Democrats and Republicans in Congress can find a better solution that will benefit all the people.”

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