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Johnny’s J-Pop Band Bishonen to Perform at Koyasan in Little Tokyo

Bishonen will be making appearances next Saturday during Nisei Week, and perform in concert at Koyasan Buddhist Temple. (Photo courtesy of Johnny & Associates)

 第79回二世週祭に日本の芸能プロダクション「ジャニーズ事務所」の男性人気アイドルグループ「美少年」が参加することが2日、同祭から発表された。グランドパレードに登場し、高野山別院でコンサートを開く。 旋風を巻き起こす。美少年のメンバーは、藤井直樹、那須雄登、浮所飛貴、佐藤龍我、岩崎大昇、金指一世の6人のユニット。


 美少年は、10日(土)午後5時から日米文化会館で行われる同祭公式行事「サンセット・オン・プラザ」に参加する。11日(日)は、午後4時開始のグランドパレードに参加し、同日午後7時半から高野山別院で、コンサートを開き別院の太鼓グループと共演する。コンサートのチケットは、20ドル。3日午前10時に販売開始。 二世週祭の詳細は、電話213・626・2778。ウエブサイト―

Tickets will go on sale Saturday at 10 a.m. for a special exclusive concert performance by Japanese idol group Bishonen, set for the evening of Sunday, Aug. 11 at Koyasan Buddhist Temple in Little Tokyo.

Consisting of members Ryuga Sato, Yuto Nasu, Hidaka Ukisho, Naoki Fujii, Taisho Iwasaki and Issei Kanasashi, Bishonen is one of the latest groups from pop music powerhouse Johnny and Associates. The production company has dominated the boy-band realm in Japan for more than 50 years, with groups including Hikaru Genji, SMAP, Tokio, Kat-Tun and Arashi.

Bishonen will perform at Koyasan, where Rimban Taido Kitagawa presided and helped to establish Boy Scout Troop 379, a unit that remains active to this day. Kitagawa’s son Johnny and daughter Mary went on to create the company that has made huge stars of dozens of young singers.

The Aug. 11 show will be the U.S. debut for Bishonen, and a tribute to Johnny – who was born in Los Angeles in 1931 and passed away last month in Tokyo.

Bishonen will also make an appearance at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center a day earlier, on Aug. 10, as part of the “Sunset on the Plaza” series. The show is set for 5 p.m. at the JACCC Plaza and is free. The group is also expected to appear in the Nisei Week Grand Parade Aug. 11.

Tickets for the Koyasan Temple show at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 11 are extremely limited, and at only $20 are sure to sell quickly. For tickets, visit–los-angeles/koyasan.

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