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Former Terminal Islander to Share Her Story

GARDENA — Before World War II, there were 3,000 people of Japanese ancestry living on Terminal Island.  They formed a unique “Japanese fishing village.”

On Dec 7, 1941, the Issei community leaders were arrested. On Feb 2, 1942, the FBI had a gigantic roundup and arrested 400 Issei men. On Feb 25, 1942, the remaining women and children were given 48 hours to leave their homes. In April and May of 1942, they next had to go to the World War II incarceration camps.

With a slide presentation, a former Terminal Islander will share her experience of growing up there and of the forced expulsion on Sunday, April 8, at 2 p.m. at Merit Park Recreation Hall, 58 Merit Park Dr. (off 158th Street) in Gardena, during a meeting of the Greater L.A. Japanese American Citizens League.

All are welcome. For more information, call Louise at (310) 327-3169.

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