For Nisei Week Foundation President, ‘Ohana’ Is Important

Leiton Hashimoto (front and center) with his crew at the conclusion of last year’s Nisei Week Japanese Festival. (Toyo Miyatake Studio)


With a new Nisei Week Foundation president each year, Leiton Hashimoto has been looking to be the next person to fulfill the duties as president and host a successful Nisei Week.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Hashimoto attended the University of Denver in Colorado before returning to his home state. After living in Hawaii for a while longer, he made the move to California, where he still lives today.

Some of Hashimoto’s hobbies include fishing, both fresh water and deep sea, and shooting sporting clays. He is also a member of the Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Dojo of Little Tokyo under Sensei Art Ishii.

Hashimoto’s involvement in the Japanese American community has extended far beyond Nisei Week. Since moving to Los Angeles, he has been a member of the Japanese American Optimist Club of Los Angeles, which works with underprivileged children.

Hashimoto also volunteers with the Go For Broke National Education Center.  Since joining the organization, he has been involved with their Hanashi Program, which interviews World War II veterans to record and perpetuate their stories for the generations to come. He has also served on