Flushed with Joy

The Washlet model S350e incorporates features such as a sensor that opens the lid when a user approaches, a remote control that store custom settings for multiple users, a night light, and the use of electrolyzed water to clean the bowl between uses.


Okay, so the bathroom probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when planning your holiday gift-giving. However, when it comes to comfort, practicality and the all-important “cool factor,” the Washlet from Toto makes plenty of sense year-round.

Ubiquitous across Japan for decades now, the Washlet – the automated, high-tech cleansing toilet seat with a built-in bidet – is making a push into the American market, and is winning over a new generation of fans.

“The emotion word we see most in analyzing online reviews of the Washlet is ‘love,'” said Bill Strang, president of operations and e-commerce at Toto’s U.S. headquarters in Morrow, Ga. “These response are valuable because they’re genuine, heartfelt and organic, not a marketing tactic.”