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Chestnut, Sudo Still Riding High on Top of Hot Dog Throne

Miki Sudo and Joey Chestnut celebrate their victory.

NEW YORK — Another year, another Mustard Belt for Joey Chestnut of San Jose and Miki Sudo of Las Vegas.

The veteran champions were able to withstand the tough competition and come out victorious in the 2018 Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4 in Coney Island.

Coming into the big event, rising star Carmen Cincotti looked to overthrow the 10-time champion and take home his first title. But Chestnut was determined to add another win to his impressive competitive eating résumé. Not only did he win his 11th title, but he also broke his own world record, eating 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. This astonishing performance only further solidified his place in Nathan’s Famous history.

On the women’s side, Sudo remained dominant. Despite the high heat, she was able to fend off the hungry competition of Michelle Lesco and Juliet Lee. With this victory, Sudo brought home her fifth consecutive title.

Chestnut, Sudo and many of the other competitors are also regulars at the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship, held every August during the Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Little Tokyo. Chestnut won last year by eating 377 gyoza in 10 minutes; Sudo finished fifth with 200.

Major League Eating ranks Chestnut No. 1 in the world; Sudo is No. 5. Cincotti is No. 2, Lesco is No. 9 and Lee is No. 14.

Joey Chestnut’s competitors included fellow San Josean Matt “Megatoad” Stonie (left). The two are also rivals at the gyoza-eating competition held in Little Tokyo during Nisei Week.

Following are results of this year’s hot dog contest:

Men’s Results

  1. Joey Chestnut 74

  2. Carmen Cincotti 64

  3. Darron Breeden 43

  4. Geoffrey Esper 41

  5. Matt Stonie 40

  6. Gideon Oji 37.5

  7. Max Suzuki 34

  8. Adrian Morgan 33

  9. Juan Rodriguez 32

  10. Nick Wehry 31

  11. Rich LeFevre 28

  12. Derek Jacobs and Juan Neave 27

  13. Matt Hazzard 25

  14. George Chiger 24.75

  15. Steve Hendry and Pablo Martinez 24

  16. Erik Denmark and Ronnie Hartman 21.5

  17. Jim Reeves 21

  18. Badlands Booker 20

Women’s Results

  1. Miki Sudo 37

  2. Michelle Lesco 28

  3. Juliet Lee 25

  4. Sarah Reinecke 21

  5. Larell Marie Mele 19

  6. Sophia DeVita 14

  7. Jingru Chen and Holly Titus 13

  8. Kassandra Zapata 12

  9. Katie Prettyman 11

  10. Jocelyn Walker 10.5

  11. Tracie Dickerson and Kathryn Tesch 8

  12. Brittany Powell 7

  13. Rene Rovtar and Brynn Szeles 6.5

  14. Kristina Rovtar 5

  15. Prudence DiBenedetto 4

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