CAPAC Chair Condemns Lawmaker’s Comments Defending JA Incarceration

WASHINGTON – Colorado State Rep. Phil Covarrubias defended the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II on March 22 while debating a Colorado state bill that would protect state residents from President Trump’s executive orders targeting immigrants, refugees, and Muslims.

Covarrubias, a Republican who represents Brighton, stated, “We keep hearing about how things went down with the Japanese people. For anyone that has never been in combat, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and all of that was going on, there’s no time to ask questions and find out who is a citizen and who’s not.

State Rep. Phil Covarrubias

“You don’t have that moment in time. You need to regroup. It’s easy to sit up here and say this stuff now. But if you’re in that moment, it looks a lot different than being able to be in a nice suit and tie.

“I hear people saying that we need to respect other people’s rights, and I agree with that, but what about them respecting our rights and our country and our