CALL TO ACTION: Stop the Fence at Tule Lake

Tule Lake Segregation Center inmates on the firebreak road that is now the airstrip. This photo, labeled “Jap trouble,” was taken by a member of the 752nd Battalion, which occupied Tule Lake after a disturbance in November 1943 led to martial law. Soldiers patrolling in armored cars regarded any gathering of “Japs” as cause for alarm. (Courtesy Greg Williams, CSU Dominguez Hills Archives/Special Collections)

This is a call to action from the Tule Lake Committee, asking you to ACT to help save the historic Tule Lake concentration camp and segregation center site from destruction.

The Tule Lake concentration camp is located in Modoc County in Northern California, and is recognized as the infamous segregation center where Japanese Americans who protested the mass incarceration were punished for speaking out.

Satsuki Ina, who was born in Tule Lake, wrote: “I need your help because the Federal Aviation Administration is proposing construction of an eight-foot-high, three-mile-long fence around the perimeter of the airport that will cut off our access to the Tule Lake site. Besides being utterly unnecessary in such a desolate place, such a fence would desecrate the physical and spiritual aspects of Tule Lake, which has great historical and personal importance to me and many others.

“I am shocked by this insensitive and disrespectful plan. This massive fence will interfere with the desire I and visitors to Tule Lake have — to mourn the unjust imprisonment and to heal the scars of the past. Instead, we will be assaulted with a reminder of rejection, exclusion, and emotional pain.”

Modoc County recently sent out notices requesting public comment on the airport fence they sought to construct over the past decade, to close off the airport that occupies two-thirds of the concentration camp site. In July 2014, the Tule Lake Committee filed a lawsuit seeking Modoc County’s compliance with environmental laws, and for the past three years, was engaged in disc