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Bridging Communities

Break the fast in the month of Ramadan at an Iftar like no other; join a growing solidarity community of Muslim American, Japanese American, South Asian, Black, Arab, Latinx, East Asian, Queer, Trans and interfaith accomplices. Get ready to break bread, breathe in art, and continue the momentum of building relationships and resistance.

Food will be provided by Handi Kebab House.

Individual tickets: $25. Community sponsorship (two tickets): $100. Table sponsorship (10 people): $250. For more information, email

Vigilant Love officially came together in December 2015 within days of the San Bernardino shooting, as a rapid response to a wave of Islamophobic backlash in Southern California and across the country. The coalition was founded upon the long-standing relationships of Los Angeles-based Muslim American and Japanese American leaders, programs and solidarity since 9/11.

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