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Applications Now Available for Service Learning Program

High school students and older adults gain valuable experiences in Kizuna and Keiro’s Service Learning Program.

Kizuna and Keiro announce that applications for the 2018-2019 Service Learning program are now available online at:

The Service Learning Program provides something special for both students and adults. This program introduces concepts of empowerment and community engagement to high school students through hands-on service, while providing older adults with technology education in a space for the sharing of important experiences, values, and history to the next generation.

High School Students: The program focuses on intergenerational community service in partnership with Keiro. High school students will learn how to identify, assess, and address community needs. This year, students will work closely with older adults to teach them how to use iPad-based technology. Participants will work with older adults to teach them how to use applications such as taking photos, Instagram, and Uber, as well as explore the latest advances in smart home and virtual reality. High school participants will also get credit for community service hours.

Older Adults: Service Learning provides a great opportunity for older adults to share experiences and Japanese American culture while learning about the newest developments in technology and innovation that can help them stay connected. Some of the topics that high school students will help older adults to understand include: social media platforms like Instagram, ride-hailing services such as Uber, virtual reality simulations, and smart home technology. The hands-on program will last six weeks and will loan iPads for the older adults to practice with.

For more information about the program, including how to apply online, visit For additional questions, contact Hideki Fukusumi at, or call (213) 973-4465, ext. 7.

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