APA Media Coalition Issues Report Cards to TV Networks on Inclusion

The Report Cards revealed some positives but also many areas in which the networks need to improve for Asian Americans to be able to enjoy equal opportunities and to be fully included in the entertainment industry.

Since APAMC began meeting with the networks in 1999 to advocate for greater diversity and inclusion of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, there have been gradual (though not consistent) increases in the number of Asian Americans represented in the categories of Actors (regular and recurring roles in prime time), Unscripted (host/judges and contestants), Writers/Producers, Directors, and Program Development.

This improvement has been due in part to the diversity pipeline programs that the networks implemented to fulfill the terms of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) that each network signed with members of the Multi-Ethnic Media Coalition (MEMC), composed of the NAACP, the National Latino Media Council, American Indians in Film/TV, and the APAMC.

Accordingly, APAMC also grades each network in the category of Commitment to the Diversity Initiatives, as reflected in the effectiveness of their pipeline programs. This year, the coalition is adding a separate