A Young Perspective on a New Administration

Students in a journalism class at South Pasadena High School follow on television and online, as Donald Trump takes the presidential oath of office Jan. 20 in Washington. (MIKEY HIRANO CULROSS/Rafu Shimpo)


SOUTH PASADENA — None of them are yet old enough to vote, but the students in the first-period journalism class at South Pasadena High School were nonetheless intently watching the Jan. 20 inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

Instructor Mike Hogan had the live television feed projected on a large screen while several students followed the events in Washington online. These are truly 21st-century students, who consume mass quantities of information; one student was keeping an eye on the TV broadcast while looking over related searches on a laptop computer and posting messages via his phone.

South Pasadena as a community tends to lean liberally Democratic, and the opinions of the students in this particular class were no exception, but as journalism students, they were doing their best to view the events of the day with an unbiased eye.

Though she said she wasn’t much of a presidential history buff, Jean Lih made several references to past commanders-in-chief. She said she disagreed with many of the statements Trump has delivered during the campaign as well as his inaugural speech, but that other presidents have displayed questionable behavior.

“I’m not too concerned,” Lih explained. “People say Andrew Jackson wasn’t a terrible president, but he did some questionable things.”