‘A Revolution in Movement’ with Umekawa Ichinosuke

A demonstration of both classical Japanese dance and innovative unique “buyo” will be given by dance master Umekawa Ichinosuke. In his performance, he will showcase the distinctive features and nuances of each dance move. Not only will participants witness two forms of art merge together, forming a cultural bridge between East and West, but they will also be able to see the magical and musical flow of energy. Umekawa will show movements and techniques to master basic performance.


– Introduction of lecturer and his performance

– Demonstration 1: Tradition (classical Japanese dance)

– Demonstration 2: Innovation (dance choreographed by Hanayagi Jusuke; music: Cello Sonata by Dmitrii Shostakovich)

– Dance workshop

Umekawa was born in Oita Prefecture. Upon graduating from Niigata University, he began his career at the Tokyo Ballet Company in 2005. There he has performed many works, including Maurice Béjart’s choreography of the bolero, Greek dance, and classical works such as “Giselle” and “Sleeping Beauty.