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90 Years Young

Aiko Kawaratani, owner of Rafu Bussan Inc., was recognized on March 27 with a proclamation from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. She was joined by (from left) Darlene Kuba, Carol Tanita, Rigoberto Martinez and Rev. Al Tsuyuki. Kuba, representing Garcetti, said, “The mayor has a long-standing and lasting friendship with Mrs. Kawaratani based on respect and admiration. Mrs. Kawaratani recently turned a ‘young’ 90 and her store is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Both the Kawaratani family and Rafu Bussan have been icons in the Little Tokyo community and through their efforts, have greatly contributed to the cultural diversity and strength of our city. The mayor joins all Angelenos in wishing Mrs. Kawaratani and Rafu Bussan many more years of good health and prosperity.” (MARIO G. REYES/Rafu Shimpo)

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